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Top Quality Ballroom Dance Shoes at the Best Prices

Ballroom dance is centered around the Smooth and Modern grace that sweeps counter clockwise around a wooden ballroom floor as well as the Latin and Rhythm syncopation of dancing in one spot with hot talent and cultural passion. Two types of ballroom dance exist on the ballroom floor and both are empowered and sustained by the foundation of the shoes that carry each dancer through their love affair with the timeless sport of ballroom dance. Aplus Dance Shoes understands the specific needs that the feet of ballroom dancers need. The leather soles and crafted heels are made with the understanding of how a dancers feet must connect to the ground, maintain connection with the foot and slide gracefully with accuracy under every toe through pattern transisions and figures. Our shoes are designed to endure relentless rehearsals and energetic performances as well as casual social dancing and overall quality footwear for men and women.

Smooth ballroom style dances require shoes that are specifically designed for the grapevines of the Fox Trot, the contra checks of the Waltz as well as the trustworthy craftsmanship needed to enjoy the rush of the Quickstep. Latin ballroom style dances require shoes that are tailored for the seduction of the Rumba, the spirit of the Swing, as well as the power and pride of the Pasa Doble. Every Modern and Latin dance is supported by the quality of the practice collection used by the dancer during the grueling rehearsal and process of self growth. Aplus Dance Shoes understands this and offers foot support for beginner dancers and well as world champion competitors starting with the best in practice shoes and ending with the best in featured products for every type of Ballroom dance.

Internationally Recognized Ballroom Dance Shoes Approved and Recommended by Mr. Kenny Welsh

Aplus Dance Shoes is well known and established in Russia, Europe and Japan, and now available in the United States through www.aplusdanceshoe.com. Dancers and dance communities understand and believe in the quality of Aplus Dance Shoes for both men and women and specific collections are offered to both partners to ensure a unity that is meshed and conformed from the bottom to the top.

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